FC Midtjylland

About FC Midtjylland

FC Midtjylland is the story of how determination and unity can create the impossible. It's the tale of what can arise when dreams are big, and the will is even greater. It's the story of a club that from its beginning had the courage to think innovatively and step out of the shadows.

It all began in 1999 when the two local clubs, Ikast fS and Herning Fremad, joined forces to create a football powerhouse in the region. Since then, it has been a rapid journey, and despite the relatively short lifespan of the club, FC Midtjylland has already won numerous titles both at the first team and with its promising youth academy.

Looking at FC Midtjylland’s history, there are significant milestones to be found throughout the years. In 2004 the establishment of Denmark’s first academy, in 2015 the first Danish championship, in 2019 the first cup title, and in 2020 the club qualified for Europe’s biggest club tournament, UEFA Champions League.

In FC Midtjylland the ambitions remain sky-high in the pursuit for success both in the Danish Superliga and European football.

Ticket sales

Approximately two weeks before the match day, tickets for FC Midtjylland’s games are available. This is the opportunity for fans without season tickets to gain access.

There is a big interest for the team’s matches, especially the European games or top matches in the 3F Superliga, which are being sold out in a short time.

You can purchase tickets for our home matches at billetsalg.fcm.dk, where you need to create an account.


Our official store is called ‘Ulveshoppen’. The shop is located next to the stadium. Here you will find a large and wide selection of FC Midtjylland merchandise.

On match days, Ulveshoppen will open two hours before kickoff, giving you the possibility to purchase player jerseys, scarves, and a lot of other FC Midtjylland merchandise.

On regular days, you can buy our merchandise online at Ulveshoppen.dk. We offer shipping to several countries in Europe and Asia.

If you have any questions regarding the sale of FC Midtjylland-merchandise, you can contact Ulveshoppen at support@ulveshoppen.dk.